News round-up: Nothing, Fórn, and π-electronics

Cover photo by Ben Rayner.

To wrap up the week, a collection of news stories from earlier in the month regarding Nothing, Fórn, and π-electronics


It’s not easy to make something eerily beautiful and yet hard to digest. Yet, that’s exactly what Nothing did earlier in August with their new album «Dance On The Blacktop». This month, they put out a video for the record’s seventh track «I Hate The Flowers» which fits that description just right. The video was directed by Mount Emult and can be seen below.

The “flowers” in the title track refers to humans, a term that Domenic Palermo has been using in Nothing for a while, as he explains in his track by track analysis of «Dance On The Blacktop» for DIY Mag published last month, explaining that the humans-as-flowers metaphor is due to “their beautifully sad and literal life/death cycle” being “so relatable.” He goes on to explain, regarding the song, that “Brandon and myself wrote this love song about New York City and the strong sense of impending doom it leaves on you as you exit you coffin sized apartment. As you might see from the title it’s a nod to the agoraphobic anthem by Strawberry Switchblade, ‘Trees and Flowers’, but also somewhat of a sequel to our song from Tired Of Tomorrow, ‘Vertigo Flowers’. It’s very much about things seemingly getting better on the surface as we pile on more concealers, but in actuality there is a major malfunction in the foundation and things are more unstable than they have ever been.”

«Dance On The Blacktop» was released by Relapse on August 24 and is still available in cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl format at this location. Nothing is heading towards Europe for a tour between November 3 and December 11, check here for more details and see the dates and tour poster below.


Purveyors of misery-ladden doom Fórn have released their first full-length since 2014’s acclaimed debut «The Departure Of Consciousness». The new album is entitled «Rites of Despair», can be heard below, is divided in two acts – «Act I: Depersonalization» and «Act II: Derealization» – and is said to be “the resulting vision of two years’ worth of tumult, including relocations, lineup changes, life and death.

The record features a series of guest artists such as Jessica Way, who contributes with vocals in the last two tracks as she had done in Ash Borer‘s «Cold of Ages». The artwork, seen above, was done by Bryan Clovenhoov Proteau, who has worked with the band in all their non-split releases.

«Rites Of Despair» was released on September 21 by Gilead Media and is available in cd, digital, and vinyl formats at this location.


Greek techno label π-electronics, a subsidiary of Modal Electronics, has introduced a new catalogue entitled PEVA for compilations. To kick off the new format, they have released a nine-track compilation, which you can hear below, featuring names such as JK Flesh, Ontal, or 3.14

«Variable» is still available at this location in cd and digital formats (the vinyl edition has sold out).

Oh, and on November 16 they will host an event whose incomplete line-up already includes Dominick Fernow playing both as Prurient and as Vatican Shadow. Information about upcoming confirmations for the event will be available at this location.

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