Spectral Lore to release «Ετερόφωτος»

Seven years since the release of «III», Spectral Lore is set to return to full-length releases with «Ετερόφωτος». The title is “a word without an exact translation in English: in approximation it means “the one whose light comes from others”,” and the record should be seen less as a successor of «III», but more of «Sentinel», “on both lyrical and musical level, thus marking another separate series of albums than the ones labeled by Roman numerals.” Since «Sentinel» came described as “epic and transcendental black metal,” its spiritual successor “walks similar emotional paths with greater maturity and awareness, and can be seen as a comment on its predecessor’s youthful enthusiasm, a kind of re-alignment that does not point towards a peaceful settlement, but on the strengthening of the need for rebellious, Promethean praxis.” Below, you may take your first glimpse into «Ετερόφωτος» by way of its midpoint, «The Sorcerer Above the Clouds».

«Ετερόφωτος» is set for release on April 23 by I, Voidhanger on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found at this location.

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