Aosoth announce upcoming LP release

French black metallers Aosoth have announced the forthcoming release of «V: The Inside Scriptures». As the title indicates, it is the successor of the highly acclaimed 2013 full-length «IV: An Arrow In Heart». It is, however, not the first release of Aosoth in 2017, as Terratur Possessions has put out a 7” split with the new Norwegian trio Ritual Death (featuring One Tail One Head‘s vocalist and Behexen‘s guitarist Luctus).

The second track out of «V: The Inside Scriptures», «Her Feet Upon The Earth, Blooming The Fruits Of Blood» can already be heard below. In the upcoming record, the main creative duo of MkM (also in Antaeus) and BST (from VI) is joined by INRVI (also from VI) on bass and Saroth (from Goat Torment) on second guitar. The cover artwork present both below and above in the cover of this article was crafted by Benjamin A. Vierling.

«V: The Inside Scriptures» is set for release via Agonia Records on November 17. Pre-orders are available in this location.

Further listening: a sample of the Aosoth / Ritual Death split can be found at Terratur Possessions soundcloud, here. Previous full-length records from Aosoth, namely, «IV: An Arrow In Heart», «III – Violence & Variations», and «Ashes Of Angels», can be listened and digitally purchased in Agonia‘s bandcamp page. Physical copies can be found through Agonia in this location.

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