News round-up: Kuunpalvelus

Very few black metal labels these days can claim to have an output a tenth as impressive as Kuunpalvelus. Hell, the last statement would ring true if the Finnish label would only release music by Circle of Ouroborus. This year alone, they have been responsible for three excellent EPs by Kêres, Venus Star, and Asymmetry, a full-length by Kêres, a Cosmic Church / Kêres split and yes, that masterpiece entitled «Ruumistähdet» by Circle of Ouroborus.

However, that might not be all for 2017, as two more records are already in the label’s pipeline. The first comes in the form of a self-titled LP from Frozen Graves, the Tampere-based duo which also comprises the Finnish side of Asymmetry. This will mark their second release, thus succeeding 2015’s debut «Seeding Will», a reasonably straight-forward yet highly catchy affair, within the standards of raw and atmospheric black metal, that is. One track from the upcoming full-length, «Eye On The Flame» has been revealed and can be listened to below, displaying a stronger emphasis on keyboard sounds whilst keeping with the drive through the bass’s low-end.

The second recent announcement concerns Cénotaphe‘s second outing, «Horizons». The band formed by former Caverne drummer Brume on the instrumental and vocalist Déchéance (also from Nécropole) released its first demo cassette on the Finnish label last year. If the duo showed some solid, furious French-style black metal on «La Larve Exulte», in «Ce Qui Souffre Ce Qui Suinte», the first advance of «Horizons» which you can stream below, they display promises of a more differentiated songwriting, whilst also upping the clarity of their sound.

It has also been confirmed that Cosmic Church will soon release its third and final full-length, with the ceasing of activities being something planned since the start of the project. This was first suggested in the band’s facebook upon the posting of the following image and later confirmed by both the band and the label.


Recall that Cosmic Church released the «Lucifer Returns to Heaven» split earlier this year with Kêres. The last solo release from the band came in 2015 with «Vigilia», whose beautiful third track you can recall below.

Whenever these releases are finalised, their availability shall be noted on Kuunpalvelus page in this location.

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