Label update: Youth Attack

New York hardcore label Youth Attack wrapped up the month of October with two releases that are bound to bring an eerie smile to those who like their punk hardcore on the nasty side.

First, there’s «Deep Blood», the debut full-length of the Colorado based City Hunter. Do not be fooled by the album’s artwork, which to be honest wouldn’t feel too out of place in an Uncle Acid or synthwave record, as the music within is “a sickening manifestation of death and destruction”, as the label explains and was already more than applicable to the trio’s infamous first two cassette releases, 2013’s «City Hunter» and 2016’s «Knife Protocol».

«Deep Blood» was released on Ocgtober 30 and is still available in digital (here) and vinyl formats (here, here, and here). The cassette edition has already sold out.

Then, there’s «Pain Game» by Texan trio Creep Stare, succeeding their self-titled 2016 debut EP released by Blackout Rage. The new ten-track EP features session drumming by the prolific James Trejo, from Civilized and Cadaver Dog, among others, and, judging by the press release, is indeed focused on pain. “At it’s more honest, hardcore shows us that life is inevitably about dying. Therefore, we must learn to suffer, because, as vocalist Johsh Everett declares, your reality’s fucking caved in.”

«Pain Game» is available in digital (here) and vinyl (here) formats.

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