Sanguine Eagle announce double full-length debut

Back in April of 2016, House of First Light luminaries Sanguine Eagle turned many a head in its direction with the release of their debut demo «Individuation». This initial spark was followed by a brilliant split with Oppression in January of the following year. More than two years later, the band has now announced the release of its two headed full-length debut by way of «Storm Mysticism» and «Shores Of Avarice». Their commonality begins with the fact that “both workings were recorded during the same winter and serve as two distinct yet complimentary chapters in the tenebrous unfolding that is Sanguine Eagle.”

The first of the two to be written was «Storm Mysticism». The record “serves as a declaration of intent; displaying the sprawling ambience and storming black metal that defines their craft, as well as establishing the band’s conceptual path,” one characterized by “numinous struggle elevated to a surmounting triumph.” A first glimpse thereof can be gained by listening to «Bride of Blizzard» below.

Both albums were recorded by Jean Paul Gautreaur at the Ossuary Recordings during the Winter of 2017 and subsequently mixed by Voodou at the House of First Light, and mastered Dan Lowndes. The artworks displayed above and below were both created by multidisciplinary artist Yu Rim Chung.

If «Storm Mysticism» is a declaration of intent, «Shores Of Avarice» displays “the band taking their discipline to new, even more rapturous heights.” The press release further describes it as “an unfaltering and misanthropic vision emblazoned upon the seat of supreme intelligence, pushing their black metal even further into the realm of the ecstatic and ancestral.” Below, listen to the album’s second track, «By The Breath Of Victory».

«Storm Mysticism» and «Shores Of Avarice» are set for release on July 5 through Profound Lore Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are respectively available here and here.

You can follow Sanguine Eagle on Bandcamp.

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