Label update: Youth Attack

Last time we spoke of Youth Attack records, they had just released «Deep Blood» and «Pain Game» by City Hunter and Creep Stare respectively. These days, the label is preparing to put out four records by Arts, Life Support, Mangled State, and Snarling Hate, which will thus follow the release of «Agonized Corrosion» by Vile Gash earlier this year.

The latter was released on February 8 and can still be found here (cassette) and here (digital). The rather short EP, which you can hear below, was released to celebrate the Vile Gash‘s participation in the Torment Is Flesh festival and succeeds last year’s disgusting ten minute assault «Nightmare in a Damaged Brain». Its press release expands on the release’s underlying themes, “the prison of the mind, constructed in such a fashion as to fester one’s torments, is a cruel testament of nature, held at bay by our hostile environment which seeks to eliminate us from existence. Day by day and brick by brick, we console ourselves with platitudes and toil for the continuation of future generations who die unfulfilled,” before adding that it was “recorded under extreme conditions.” It certainly yielded extreme results.


The return of Arts by way of the «Graveside Summoning» EP is set to see the duo of .:AA:. and .:MM:. once more engulf its listeners in absolute filth by way of the sort of raw black metal we came to expect from the label’s mastermind. According to the press release, “these compositions unleash a full-frontal assault of venomous vocals with riffs encircled in sepulchral fog to swallow you in a black abyss,” among a lot of other creative descriptions which you can read here. Below, you can listen to «Daemonomie» and «Graveside Summoning» (the stream will be automatically updated as soon as the other two songs are made available).

Below, recall the band’s previous full-lengths, 2010’s «Vault of Heaven» and 2005’s «Thousand Wounds of War».

From black metal to hardcore, «Die Like a Man» is the debut EP of Life Support, the new project uniting James Trejo (Cadaver Dog, City Hunter, Civilized, Culture Shock, and Funerary Despair) on all instruments with Mark McCoy on vocals. Recorded and mixed by Will Killingsworth, it is meant as “an antidote to our waking death with a command to view mortality as a chance for good, as all else is a fantasy poisoning the heads of men.” Below, listen to the EP’s first two tracks, «Die Like A Man» and «Status».

Another debut, this time from Mangled State, who manage to “articulate the feeling of having one’s back to the wall with no choice left but to lash out.” The two piece of J. Bokemeyer on guitars and bass and J. Everett on vocals and drums recorded their debut EP «Stigma» on Francisco’s Studios in Texas, with Will Killingsworth handling subsequent mastering duties. The press release further describes’ the duo’s hardcore approach as yielding five “tracks of minimalist U.S. hardcore in a style that has come to define Youth Attack’s vision: direct, hostile and unapologetic.” «Stigma» and «Scowl», the first two tracks of the 6”, can be heard below.

The final debut is that of Snarling Hate, which sees James Trejo team up with renowned vocalist Shaun Dean (Bat Faith, Cold Sweat, Country Club, Men’s Interest, and Repercussions) and guitarist Matt Wilga (Cancer Kids, Failures, Suburbanite) to deliver a short dose of “stomping hardcore anthems to fill the listener with courage, contempt and hope.” Further context to the project’s first 7”, «How to Kill», is given through the idea that “throughout history, the trials of mankind have been carved not by policy, but by blood. On an archetypal level, the fate of the world rests upon its unwillingness to submit. At a time in history when “empowerment” is just another trick of the establishment to seduce the powerless into conformity, true power resists in one’s refusal to accept their terms.

All four releases discussed above will be released on October 30 through Youth Attack. Their digital versions can be pre-ordered through the label’s bandcamp, physical copies will soon be available at their online store.


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