Kurushimi to release «Chaos Remains»

Cover picture by RH Photography.

Sydney based genre hoppers Kurushimi are back this week with «Chaos Remains», “a violent instrumental assault of grindcore, free jazz, noise rock, and everything in-between.” The new album stems from tracks “recorded during the sessions for their previous album, What Is Chaos?” and is thematically inspired by “John Zorn’s Painkiller and Bladerunner projects.” This time around, the fully improvised songs of the collective had a different origin story, as explained by lead composer and bassist Andrew Mortsen, “the music is manipulated in real-time during the recording by a conductor who uses pre-conceived hand signals based on the Violence In Action game piece by Lachlan Kerr. In the past, we have just gone in and just done it, with very little discussion. During this session, I had another idea to create improvisations with a different vibe. I created some turntable loops at home that weren’t smooth (by randomly putting a sticker on the record so it would skip and loop). Then in the studio, I told the musicians what we would do – listen to the loop and just start improvising to it, and then the conductor would be free to alter it how he felt, resulting in a ‘hypnotic’ sound.” Below, listen to the album’s opener, «The Omen».

«Chaos Remains» is set for release on February 26 by Art As Catharsis on digital format,Pre-orders are available here.

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