Label Update: Iron Lung Records

In 2021, the mighty Iron Lung Records began its activity on January 15 with the release of «Demolition Strictly», the fantastic new album by hip-hop duo Grand Invincible, formed by Spazz‘s DJ Eons and veteran rapper Luke Sick, of Sacred Hoop, On Tilt, and Rime Force Most Illin’, among a litany of other projects. As its press release put it, what you get is “undefeatable west-bay-all-day rap of the year! Fresh for 2020 with a genuine 90’s feel.” That this is so can be confirmed below, with the album’s digital version available here.

Releases proceeded with «Public Humiliation II», a live collaboration between Gas Chamber and Black Iron Prison, recorded during the label’s tenth anniversary shows (read more about the record here) and released on Februrary 26.

On the same day, the label further released Slant‘s excellent debut LP, «1집», whose release we reported on here and which you can hear below.

Last Friday, on March 26, two new albums saw the light of day. First, we have a good dose of “hyper active USHC filled to the brim with snarl and style,” courtesy of Electric Chair and their new 7”, «Social Capital». With lines such as “smash capitalism // swear off the bastards!” and “money loves a proud boy / his demo in my street / I’d like to watch some drunken queers / break all his perfect teeth,” the quartet’s message is as clear as their punk is utterly vicious. «Social Capital» is available here on digital format and is the successor of «Performative Justice», originally released in 2019 and available here.

On the same day, Australian rocker Alien Nosejob released «HC45-2». The solo project of Jake Robertson, from the likes of Ausmuteants, Hierophants, Leather Towel, and SWAB has seen the multi-instrumentalist approach styles from punk to garage to synth and hardcore, depending on which homonym version of himself he decides to present. This time around, we have the second instalment of his “hardcore alter-ego,” ever aptly described by the label as “blasting frantic riffs over snappy drums and vocals that could fall apart at any moment but never do.” Below, listen to «HC45-2» and further recall the first instalment on this series, «HC45», released back in 2019.

Finally, last Friday also saw the reissue of one of the greatest albums in grindcore history, namely, Insect Warfare‘s seminal «World Extermination». Being the masterpiece that it is, all thousand new copies of it have by now sold out, so feel free to relive the excellence of «World Extermination» below or to get your hands in some of the apparel made around it at this location.

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