Horndal to release «Lake Drinker»

Cover photo by Daniel Liljas.

How does one go about telling the story of a murderer, not of a person, but of a town? One possible answer to this question has been given by Horndal over the course of the last five years, since “in 1977 Satan slaughtered Horndal’s steel mill.” The band’s debut, «Remains», was released back in 2019 and told “the events of over 40 years ago, when the steel factory that employed almost the whole population of Horndal was shut down, leaving the town abandoned to perish. In an act of defiance, a local theatre group wrote and performed a play about this life-changing, disastrous event. In their production, the devil himself came to close the factory, deserting the workers to their unhappy fate and sending the community to an early grave. The story came true; the factory was shuttered and the town left for dead.” Two years since «Remains», the band is now returning with «Lake Drinker», for Satan has returned and “he’s drinking our lake.” Below, listen to album opener «Rossen»

To understand in what way Satan is drinking their lake, the band explains that “now, in present day Horndal, a new demon is looming, a fresh hell is on the horizon. An American tech giant has arrived – cutting down the forests and emptying the lake. The beast is back, only this time it looks a little different. With no theatre group to document this new threat, the task is left to Horndal, and «Lake Drinker» is the soundtrack to this new wave of destruction.” Now that the context is clear for all, you can further feast on ears on the town’s second destruction through «Horndal’s Blodbad».

«Lake Drinker» is set for release on April 9 through Prosthetic Records on digital, cd, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

Having referred to «Remains» above, recall the album was released on February 22, 2019, by Prosthetic Records and can be found here on cd, digital, and vinyl formats.

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