Iskandr to release «Vergezicht»

September will see the release of «Vergezicht», the third full-length by Iskandr, the project started originally by O. (Turia, Solar Temple, Nusquama, Dool, and ex-Lubbert Das) which now also features drumming by M. Koops (Fluisteraars, Solar Temple, and Nusquama). As its announcement explain, the new album finds the band elevated “into higher planes of compositional complexity,” building from the “spacious atmospheres and regal solitude” of the earlier releases, through a “more battle hardened aggression as well of elaborate acoustic instrumentation” of more recent outings. In fact, not only does O. handle the expected vocals, electric guitars, and bass, but also acoustic guitars, electric organ, orchestra chimes, choir vocals, tambourine, trumpet, and piano. Amidst the variety of instrumentation surges a “fruitful collaboration between O’s musical direction and engineering, and M. Koops’ foundational drumming,” which together bring out a “degree of clarity and forcefulness to the record that goes well beyond anything put out under the Haeresis Noviomagi banners until now.”

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Bathory (mid era), Enslaved (early), Neurosis‘ «A Sun That Never Sets», and King Crimson‘s «In The Court Of The Crimson King», the album chronicles “stories of heroic resistance, deceit and regeneration,” directed to “those whose banners are only illuminated by the fires of rebellion” and creating “an ode to resistance and refusal to admit defeat in the face the great devouring chasm.”

A first example of «Vergezicht» can be glimpsed by way of its second song, «Bloeddraad», whose video, created by Teresa Elizabeth Lobos, can be seen below.

«Vergezicht» is set for release on September 24 via Eisenwald and Haeresis Noviomagi on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Digital pre-orders are available at this location, with their physical counterparts set for a later announcement.

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