Mùu and Deathvoid to release «Clairon Miroir» split

Early September will see the release of «Clairon Miroir», a split between Mùu – a side-project from the same creator as Kaffaljidhma, which trades black metal for drone and dark ambient – and Deathvoid – the Italian / Swiss self-described garage black metal trio, whose approach often lies somewhere between harsh noise and raw black metal. Per its press release and as can be heard below, Mùu’s contribution, entitled «In de verte klinkt de bazuin van het laatste oordeel», goes heavy on a “synth-based ambient, reminescent of a dark, apocalyptic version of Oneohtrix Point Never.” On the other hand, the three Deathvoid tracks “are another experiment with broken tape recording and a return to an almost harsh noise approach” and will see “samples, radio transmissions and clean vocals try to surface amidst the blackened noise assault. Conceptually and visually, Deathvoid is back to exploring antiquate interiors and surreal ornaments.

«Clairon Miroir» is set for release on September 3 through Xenoglossy Productions on cassette and digital formats, whose pre-orders can be found here. It should be noted that upon release, the digital format will be set to “name your price,” which the label explains was not possible to do so yet for technical reasons.

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