Antichrist Siege Machine to release «Purifying Blade»

One of the most interesting black death metal collectives of recent creation, Virginia based Antichrist Siege Machine will soon release their second full-length collection of relentless barbarity, «Purifying Blade». The album, whose first single can be heard below – entitled «Victorious Legions of Satan», it closes the A-side of the vinyl with what can only be described as properly ugly war metal (there’s a delightful little break close to the two minute mark that just makes us want to hit play again as soon as it ends) – marks the band’s debut through Profound Lore, with its predecessor «Schism Perpetration» having been released by Stygian Black Hand and Krucyator Productions. According to the press release of «Purifying Blade», it sustains the “unhinged violence on display on 2020’s «Filth of the World» EP,” while rising “victorious in the temple assaulted,” with each track “a weapon wielded by wickedness and hatred directed at the heart of Christendom.” We will never not love these descriptions.

«Purifying Blade» is set for release on October 8 via Profound Lore on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Digital pre-orders can be found here, the cd and vinyl editions will be available for order early in September.

Below, further feast on the filth that were their 2019 and 2020 releases, respectively.

«Schism Perpetration» was released on August 26, 2019, by Stygian Black Hand and Krucyator Productions. It can be found on cd format here and on digital format at this location.

«Filth of the World» was released on April 26, 2020, by Stygian Black Hand and is available on digital format here.

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