Listen to She Past Away’s remix of «Akinesia»

This coming Friday will see the release of «You Will Never Find Peace», the debut full-length by Deathsomnia, on which we reported on here. Ahead of the album release, a remix of one of its singles by She Past Away was unveiled and can be heard below. The context is further explained by the fact that the two bands will tour Europe together both on October 2021 and on February and March 2022. As Deathsomnia explains, “being invited by She Past Away to support them all over Europe is an honour, and having them come through to re-work one of our songs just tops it all – not only because She Past Away is an undeniable influence, but also because they don’t do these kinds of collaborations often,” adding their satisfaction with how their upcoming tour-mates “turned a heavy gloomy song into a beautiful melancholic anthem full of melody.” As Deathsomnia’s vocalist Kadri Sammel explained, the song stems from “night terrors and sleep paralysis, where reality becomes a distortion and the body is contained and powerless. In a state of fear and disorder, a primordial dichotomous perception guides the way, birthing demons.”

«You Will Never Find Peace» is set for release on September 3 via Isolation Rec. on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here (digital) and here (cd and vinyl).

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