Apparition to release «Feel»

Californian death metal collective Apparition is set to release its first full-length, «Feel», thus quickly following up on their highly promising debut EP «Granular Transformation», which will turn one year old next month. Because well made cavernous death metal will never not be welcome and the death doom variant of the genre is the kind of thing to leave us smiling, these are naturally great news. In «Feel», whose bludgeoning opener «Unequilibrium» you can hear below, the band is set to further express their idiosyncratic nature, “one that tethers into the realm of strangeness and the anomalous” as the press release explains, adding that it is “an album a little more influenced by drummer/vocalist Andrew and guitarist Miles‘ past jazz studies and unique influences outside the old school death metal paradigm.” On top of that, the song titles have plenty of interesting references to modern physics, with «Nonlocality» and «Entanglement» standing out in that regard.

«Feel» is set for release on October 22 via Profound Lore on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Digital pre-orders can be found here whilst the cd and vinyl ones are scheduled for late September. The album was recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit, mastered by Nick Townsend. The cover art seen above was created by Abomination Hammer.

Finally, you can revisit the Apparition‘s debut EP, «Granular Transformation» below. It was released on October 9, 2020, by Profound Lore and can be found here in digital form.

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