Algara to release «Absortos En El Tedio Eterno»

After two EP releases last year (see bottom of the piece), anonymous anarchist collective Algara is about to release its first full-length, «Absortos En El Tedio Eterno», which they self-recorded “in a Barcelona squat while engaging in their agitprop campaigns. With songs about poor working conditions, the constant evictions, youth unemployment, and a city consumed by tourism and other forms of gentrification, the LP is a cold call to arms for today’s political punk.” Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Below, check out the album opener, «Otra Generación Más».

The press release goes on to explain the band’s sound, asking us if we “ever wondered what would happened if the Rondos and Crass had joined forces at the Conway Hall or if Aviador Dro and Esplendor Geometrico never had a couple of judo kicks and the four started a new band?” That line of inquiry should be suggestive enough of what you might find in the following sequence of songs from the album, namely, «Tipos Listos», «Todo Me Da Igual», «Hedonistas», and «Expulsados».

Yes, we’re also glad that sample from the hippie band whose self-righteous icon protested war sitting on his ass on a Hilton hotel didn’t last long giving way to a hell of a song. Finally, there’s still «Una Cosa Más Sin Sentido Alguno» to listen to, the second-to-last song of the album.

«Absortos En El Tedio Eterno» is set for release on September 23 via La Vida Es Un Mus on digital and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders can be found here.

As promised, you can find the first two Algara EP below.

From January 30, 2020, here’s «Enamorados del control total», which can be found here.

From November 14, 2020, here’s «Una cosa más sin sentido alguno usada para hacer rico al mismo de siempre», which includes re-recorded versions of all songs from «Enamorados del control total» and can be found here.

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