Mortiferum to release «Preserved in Torment»

Cover photo by Carter Murdoch.

Cavernous death doom outfit Mortiferum has announced the impending release of «Preserved In Torment». The band’s sophomore album sees the band “expanding on the ominous atmospherics of their past work while simultaneously pushing and refining their work into even more vile and oppressive sonic territories.” The press release further expands on how the musician’s backgrounds manifest in their new creation, “with guitarist/vocalist Max Bowman and guitarist Chase Slaker having cut their teeth in the death/grind outfit Bone Sickness and drummer Alex Mody having played in funeral doom group Ēōs, it only follows that Mortiferum would find a way to fuse their musical roots into a cohesive hybrid of grotesque savagery and glacial mass. While some credit must be paid to pioneers like Rippikoulu and Disembowelment, the band sees their sound as less indebted to past attempts at crosspollinating these disparate approaches and more as a result of organic gut-level intuition and a natural inclination towards musical experimentation.” Below, feast on the absurdly bleak album opener, «Eternal Possession»

«Preserved in Torment» is set for release on November 5 through Profound Lore on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here (cd and digital) and here (vinyl).

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