Etxegiña to release «Herederos del Silencio»

Antifascist black metal collective Etxegiña have announced the upcoming release of their first EP, «Herederos del Silencio», which comes dedicated to anarchist journalist Eduardo de Guzmán, who was sent to the Los Almendros and Albatera concentration camps during the Franco regime. As the band explains “Albatera was an old labour camp of the Second Spanish Republic opened in 1937. During the Spanish Civil War, it held 1039 prisoners. At the end of the war, the fascists took over and transformed it into one of the worse concentration camps of the regime, where thousands of socialists and antifascists would rot. The estimated population of the camp varies between 12.000 and 30.000. All in a camp designed for ~2500 individuals.” Below, you can listen to «Los Cadáveres Insepultos de Albatera», the fourth and last song of the upcoming EP.

The song’s lyrics were inspired by the book «El Año de la Victoria» by Eduardo de Guzmán. The band explains that “through 400 pages, Eduardo de Guzmán describes his departure from Madrid, his arrest in Alicante harbour and his frightening experience of the Albatera concentration camp.” While the book has not been translated into English, a pdf of the Spanish version can be found here.

«Herederos del Silencio» is set for release through AbArt Corruption on September 28 and later through Vertebrae. Pre-orders of its digital version can be found here.

Below, further listen to «Nosotros los Etxegiña», the band’s first single, released on October 17, 2019, and whose updated version is set to open «Herederos del Silencio».

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