Listen to Alkuharmonian Kantaja’s «Shadowy Peripherals»

For years now, I, Voidhanger has been an oasis for fans of black metal of the more experimental and progressive ilk. Case in point, in a few days the Italian label is set to release the physical edition of «Shadowy Peripherals», the debut album by Finland’s Alkuharmonian Kantaja. Formed by three experienced musicians of the Finnish scene, the new project is described as a “fresh perspective back in the world of avantgarde black metal of days gone.” Their first full-length comes billed as “an introspective journey deep into the depths of the human mind, the spirit, the self. A duality of yearning and satisfaction, a deep dive into our primal beastly animal nature with glimpses into the soothing nostalgic realms of the mind, dwelling in toxic depressive darkness on a quest for something that perhaps never even existed. A playful yet bitter play of words and sounds of human nature in constant conflict.” Fans of the legacy left by Czral with the likes of Virus and Ved Buens Ende, seek your teeth into «Shadowy Peripherals», which can be heard below in its entirety.

«Shadow Peripherals» is set for release on October 8 by I, Voidhanger and Korpituli on cassette, cd, and digital formats. It can be ordered here (cassette), here (cd), and here (digital).

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