Zaäar to introduce themselves with «Magická Džungl’a»

A few years ago, we were taken by storm with the “Sunn O))) meets Sun Ra Arkestra” marvellous experience that is Neptunian Maximalism. The project initiated by Guillaume CZLT and Jean Jacques Duernickx in 2018 has now sprouted a new entity by the name of Zaäar, featuring other Neptunian performers such as Sébastien Schmit and Didié Nietzsche,alongside bassist Hugues Philippe Desrosiers. Zaäar’s first offering is called «Magická Džungl’a» and is said to move “along the same sonic coordinates” of «Éons» but with a “more instinctual, cruder, more primitive” approach, anchored in “psychedelic free-jazz soaked in droning ambient melodies” and attempting to see the project as “more than a band: it’s the reconquest of our save side; the terrifying and primeval roar of a mind ravaged by magic drugs; the lush sounds of a soul swimming in the primordial broth, savouring again an existence full of marvels and hazards.” Below, you can listen to the album’s monumental opener «Respiration Aérobie» in all its expansive glory.

«Magická Džungl’a» is set for release on November 5 through I, Voidhanger, WV Productions and Homo Sensibilis Sounds on digital and vinyl formats, which can be pre-ordered at this location. It was recorded by Guillaume Cazalet and Hugues Philipe Desrosiers, with mixing and mastering duties handled by Guillaume Cazalet and Thomas Stadniki. The cover art is called «Untitled» and was created by Peter Kľúčik in 1954.

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