Devour Every Star to release «Antiquity»

Devour Every Star is Cameron Davis, its debut «Antiquity» will soon be released through Blue Bedroom Records and, according, to the label should be one to anticipate for fans of “Mamaleek, Ulver, (early and Perdition City eras), DJ Shadow.” Judging by the two already revealed songs, they’re definitely onto something. Davis explains of the album’s background that “for many years I was lost in a bed of dizzy memories. Trapped in an uncanny dream. Reliving the same tired artefacts on a loop until I found real comfort. Resolution. What follows is a collection of songs about toxic love set to an eerie fusion of trip hop and black metal. Devour Every Star is the sound of closure.” Below, listen to «Low Income Cell Destroyer» and «Bewildered, I Embrace The Machine».

«Antiquity» is set for release on December 3 via Blue Bedroom on cassette, cd, and digital formats. Pre-orders are available here.

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