Chaos Emeralds to release «Crawling From The Wreckage»

We’ve been focusing a lot on death and black metal lately, so it’s about time we switch gears and talk about something existing somewhere between shoegaze, doom, and post-rock. To help things up, we’re covering a release with the seal of quality of the always lovely Trepanation Recordings, namely the new album from Chaos Emeralds, a new project by Reading based musician Charlie Butler. The upcoming «Crawling From The Wreckage» will be the third outing of Chaos Emeralds this year, following «Release» and «Chaos Emeralds» (surprisingly, you can find both at the end of the piece). Butler explains that the new release “takes the hazy shoegaze / emo atmosphere” of its predecessors and “expands out to embrace wider doom and post-rock influences.” The artist goes on to sum things up as an attempt of synthesis between the “spacious sound of Duster, Slint, and the Appleseed Cast” with the expansive heaviness of “Isis, Jesu, and Boris,” all that to “help process an intense personal period.” If the description already sounds good, then listen to the soothingly lo-fi title-track below to get even more excited about the upcoming release.

«Crawling From The Wreckage» is set for release on December 3 through Trepanation Recordings on cassette and digital formats. Pre-orders can be found at this location.

«Chaos Emeralds» was released by strictly no capital letters on January 25 and is available here on cassette and digital formats.

«Release» was released by Les Disques Rabat-Joie on April 28 and is available here on digital format.

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