Worm to release «Foreverglade»

Long gone are the days in which Worm delved within the rawest lo-fi forms of black metal. To be fair, it’s not like they’ve accelerated proceedings much moving onto death doom territories (or Floridian funeral doom, as they call it) as their approach to black metal was as slow and disgusting in all the best ways as it gets. Since releasing their second full-length, «Gloomlord», through Iron Bonehead back in 2019, the band has joined forces with 20 Buck Spin for their third album, «Foreverglade». The new piece is described as “a strange amalgam of things that ooze, things that crawl and some things that remain still for centuries before crumbling back into the dust and dirt unobserved by mortal eyes.” Listening to «Murk Above The Dark Moor» through the video below (animated by Scott Rudd Film and featuring artwork by Brad Moore, who is also responsible by the album’s cover piece), it’s hard to argue the previous description.

The press release goes on to describe «Foreverglade» as an album which sees Worm find “its truest incarnation, where the catacombs of funeral and oppressively heavy death doom are further thrown open, letting drift out the lurking obscurity of black metal’s cemetery stench. And yet and adept virtuosity and ghostly ethereality invokes the grim dark beauty of the swamps as much as the veiled creeping horrors.” To be fair, it wouldn’t be a description of a Worm album without a swamp reference, and rightly so. If you’re still with us so far, might as well take another plunge into the astonishing heaviness of «Foreverglade» with «Empire Of The Necromancers» below.

«Foreverglade» is set for release on October 22 through 20 Buck Spin on cassette, cd, and digital formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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