Horns Of Domination to release «Where Voices Leave no Echo»

Cover photo by Pit.

German collective Horns Of Domination initially debuted in 2015 with a rather promising two-song demo displaying a bleak take on black, death, and doom metal. Since then, since followed, something which is about to be changed with the release of their debut full-length «Where Voices Leave No Echo», which takes “the filth and bestiality displayed on the demo” and showcases “a brilliance and virtuosity within.” The press release goes to to state that “breathing an absolutely oppressive energy over 36 minutes, full of intoxication, rage and trepidation,” the band “manage to put together all the indispensable ingredients for a grand black / death metal album: mania & madness, tension & atmosphere, frenzy & melody,” further characterising the album as “a manifesto of excess.” Below, witness two of the eight tracks comprising «Where Voices Leave No Echo», the first being «No Beyond (For No One)», which also appeared in the demo, and the last being «Die Here, In Solitude». The second demo song, «Throne Of Ecstasy», is slated to close the upcoming album.

«Where Voices Leave No Echo» is set for release on October 22 through Sepulchral Voice Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here (cd), here (digital), and here (vinyl).

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