Listen to «I Believe In Halloween» by Unto Others

Cover photo by Peter Beste.

Less than a month removed from the release of their great sophomore album «Strength», Unto Others have unveiled a two song EP that stemmed from the same sessions, «I Believe In Halloween». The season themed songs, «Out In the Graveyard» and «Dalmatian», speak of a young man who “dances with death during an unfortunate walk through the local cemetery, and finds out it is a very thin line indeed between reality and dream,” and a “man’s best friend” under whose command “a son of privilege is compelled to murder” and “pushing us to ask ourselves, who is the servant, and who is the master?” Both can be heard below, were produced, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk.

«I Believe In Halloween» was released on October 21 on digital format and can be obtained here for free up to and including October 31.

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