Sarke to release «Allsighr»

With Roadburn on our minds these days, it’s impossible not to think back to the Sarke performance there in 2010 as part of the Tom G. Warrior curated part of the programme and how much they’ve change since then, as clearly illustrated by their last album «Gastwerso», releasedin 2019. The band is now gearing up to the release of their seventh full-length album, «Allsighr», one which is set to see them “continue to exploit their unusual mix of 70`s rock, 80`s speed metal and 90`s black metal, resulting in an album full of heavy-rocking and groovy metal while not forgetting the unique psychedelic, doomy and dwelling passages.” Three tracks from the album have been made public. Below, begin by feasting your ears on the sublime «Beheading Of The Circus Director», with its monstrous opening riff quickly giving rise to some delicious 70s worship.

This is the first Sarke album since the former Enslaved drummer Cato Bekkevold joined the collective. You can also witness the first two songs of the album, «Bleak Reflections» and «Grim Awakening», below, alongside the artwork created by Kjell Åge Meland.

«Allsighr» is set for release on November 5 through Soulseller Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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