Escafismo Records to release Lerna’s «Sede de Sangue»

Brazilian anti-colonial and antifascist black metal band Lerna (side project of Jaketeme Zapelloni, from Pessimista and Tiffo) had released a digital only EP back in May entitled «Sede de Sangue» (Portuguese for “thirst for blood”). Telling of the political situation in the country, led by fascist scum Bolsonaro, the lyrics of the EP were not published “for protection against national security laws.” This Friday, the EP will see a physical edition through Escafismo Records (fittingly, given the «BolsoEscafismo» song of the EP).

Originally self-released on May 24, «Sede de Sangue» will be out on November 5 via Escafismo Records on tape format. Orders will then be available at this location. The artwork seen above is an excerpt from the «Battle in San Domingo» painting by January Suchodolski.

If you would like to support our work here in Nether, you can do so by becoming a patron at this location.

Below, further revisit all 2021 releases from Pessimista and Tiffo.

«Ocaso» was self-released by Pessimista on February 5, with subsequent physical editions by Subsound Records on June 18 and Realm and Ritual on July 16, on vinyl and cassette respectively. It can be found here (digital) and here (vinyl).

«Mito, você é o próximo…» was self-released by Tiffo on March 31 and is available here.

«Abandono e Desilusão» was self-released by Pessimista on April 1 on digital format and can be found here.

«Knife and Noose», the split between Pessimista and Wrekan, was released on September 27 by Realm and Ritual on cassette format. It can be found here (digital, Pessimista side), here (digital, Wrekan side), and here (cassette).

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