All Are To Return to release «AATR II»

Last year, All Are To Return showed themselves with a intense debut EP that combined doom, industrial, and noise in all the best ways. The duo is about to return with its second outing, «AATR II», “a reflection on the dynamics of space and confinement. The evolving compositions are harsh, yet layered. There is nuance in expression – vocals responsive and confrontational, guitars cutting into dense synth drones, sparse melody erupting amidst pulsing noise.” If you, like us, are the kind of person for which this all sounds wonderful (and their fist EP was indeed wonderful), then listen to «Carceri» below, the opening track of the upcoming release and a hell of an introduction. Or, as the press release goes on to say, “hear the ghosts of revolt stirring inside societal prisons. Haunted by the philosophies of power and control. No resignation.”

«AATR II» is set for release on November 26 through Tartarus Records on cassette and digital formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

Update: since the publication of our piece, another song from «AATR II», entitled «De Profundis», was made available for streaming exclusively through Everthing Is Noise at this location.

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«All Are To Return» was released by Tartarus on October 9, 2020, and is available here (cassette) and here (digital)

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