Home Front to release «Think Of The Lie»

From Edmonton, Alberta in Canada come Home Front, dancing “freely and madly along the edges of time” and creating “their own moment amongst the revered and long frozen reserves of The Cure, Suicide, Echo And The Bunnymen, «Second Empire Justice» era Blitz, and New Order.” The post punk collective will soon release the «Think Of The Lie» MLP, “a record bubbling over with analog synth, guitar loops, slammed 808 drums, and anthemic vocal pushes tugging at the great moment in-between the “death” of punk and the “birth” of new wave, pulling fresh sounds into their punk roots and shoving a studded leather jacket around a silk robe.” The album was recorded by the band in “an unheated plywood box in some semblance of fading daylight,” while production and mixing took place in “the darkest depths of lockdown by Jonah Falco on a boat moored outside an isolated estate along the A40 in between sets of “The Evil Russian Pushup Challenge” and icy walks to Lidl.” The result is comprised of six songs, with the amazing opening pair of them, «Flaw In The Design» and «A Bit Of Dust», being available for stream below.

«Think Of The Lie» is set for release on December 10 through La Vida Es Un Mus on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

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