Release round-up: Vrasubatlat

There are three new releases by entities operating under the Vrasubatlat name. One of the most refreshingly creative outlets of black, death and other forms of nastiness continues its output by way of Utzalu and new Adzalaan and Anteinferno.

Utzalu‘s debut full-length, «The Loins Of Repentance» (VT-XV) is their fourth collection of filth released, following two demos from 2016 and the split with Mróz (who released «Charnel Ground», VT-XII, earlier this year). Their characteristically punk aggression appears prefaced and followed by a noisy intro and outro, ensuring that pleasantness is neither found at first nor taken with afterwards.

The self-titled demo by Adzalaan (VT-XVI) stands as the first ever solo release within the Portland label. Two tracks of black metal, which the label describes as more triumphant than their other releases; not hard to see why upon listening.

Arguably the biggest novelty in sonic terms, although absolutely fitting with their story of pursuit of many a facet of extreme music, is the power electronics of Anteinferno‘s debut «Hospitality Is Our Primary Concern». Easily one of the least accessible records in the label’s existence, proof if needed about the veracity of the description on the Adzalaan release about the “carefully curated nature of the cabal”.

All directions for acquiring the releases can be found here. Further information about the label can be found on their website and on this interview published last year by Black Metal and & Brews.

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