STREAM: Fleurety – «Inquietum»


When, almost two years ago, me and José Carlos Santos, who’s got an amazing new personal outlet over at The Devil’s Mouth, did a little round-up of six “unsung oddball heroes of 90’s black metal”, a difficult decision about who to leave out had to be done. The absence that, at least to me, turned out to be more painful was that of Fleurety. «Min tid skal komme», the duo’s first full-length, is, still to this day, one of the most interesting black metal records of the 90’s. Then came the wonderful oddity that is «Department of Apocalyptic Affairs», featuring cameos by a who’s who of the cream of the Norwegian scene at the time: Maniac, G. Playa (arguably his best alias ever, though G. Wolf comes close), Carl-Michael, Knut Magne Valle, Tore Ylwizaker, Sverd, and Hellhammer.

Artwork by Trine + Kim, who are also responsible for the photography displayed on the top of this article.

While that was it when it comes to full-length releases, it’s not like the band has been silent in the past seventeen years. They returned in 2009 with the «Ingentes Atque Decorii Vexilliferi Apokalypsis» EP. Three more releases followed, all in the EP format, namely, «Evoco Bestias», «Et Spiritus Meus Semper Sub Sanguinantibus Stellis Habitabit», and «Fragmenta Cuinsvis Aetatis Contemporaneae», the last of which was released earlier this year. Now, all four were collected in «Inquietum» (cover reproduced above). As the title of this post suggests, the new album can already be streamed: it’s available at Invisible Oranges at this location.

«Inquietum»’s release is scheduled for August 21 via Aesthetic Death. It includes guests such as Runhild Gammelsæter and Plenum, artwork by Trine + Kim and was mastered by Esoteric‘s Greg Chandler. Check Fleurety’s page for more information, including a comprehensive track by track discussion of the new record.

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