News round-up: Celeste, Death Yell, and Usnea


Watch: Celeste – «Cette chute brutale»

French blackened hardcore collective Celeste is gearing up to release its fifth record, «Infidèle(s)», in late September. After the teaser put out last month regarding the successor of 2013’«Animale(s)», the band has now unveiled its opener, «Cette chute brutale», a dense four-minute piece in which they pull no punches and go straight into the sound that has defined their career so far. In its video, directed by As Human Pattern, we get a close up of the band’s live setting, complete with miners lights and strobe aplenty.

The cover art, seen below, is the work of photograph Marta Bevacqua. To see the video, go to New Noise or Metal-Hammer.


«Infidèle(s)» will be out on September 29 via Denovali.

Stream: Death Yell – «Descent Into Hell»

Late 80’s cult black death name Death Yell is releasing its first full-length next month; talk about living in strange times. The Chilean’s first run, while lasting only from ’88 to ’91, produced a split with Beherit, the «Morbid Rites» EP and, most importantly, the «Vengeance from Darkness» demo. Having reunited a few years ago, the band is now set to finally put that legacy into a full album «Descent Into Hell».

Featuring artwork from Marcelo Vasco, who’s also responsible for the covers of the last outings from Kreator and Slayer, «Descent Into Hell» is a sharply recorded, worthy follow-up to the band’s initial legendary run. Below, you can stream the first two songs of «Descent Into Hell»: the opener «Soulless» and the title track.

«Descent Into Hell» is set for release on August 15 by Hells Headbangers Records.

Play: Usnea – «Lathe of Heaven»

Naming their previous album «Random Cosmic Violence» after a Carl Sagan quote was already indicative of the good taste prevailing the Usnea dudes. Adding to that indication, the first released song from the Portland band’s new record takes its name from a book by Ursula Le Guin, “who has not yet received the Nobel Prize for Literature”, as Neil Gaiman wisely put it.

That song, titled «Lathe of Heaven» after the eponymous 1971 book, can be heard below and will be part of «Portals Into Futility», Usnea‘s third full-length record.

«Portals into Futility» is scheduled for release on September 8 via Relapse Records.

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