News round-up: Boris, Poison Blood, and With The Dead

Stream: Boris – «Dear»

Japanese experimental rock trio Boris is commemorating its 25th anniversary this year the only way they know how, that is, by releasing new music. The new record is called «Dear», was released today, and is available for streaming at NPR.


It’s interesting to note that «Dear» didn’t initially seem like it was meant to be. As drummer Atsuo puts it in an interview with the Japan Times, in 2014 “there was a period where the future of the band became unclear due to personal and family issues.” A special tour dedicated to «Pink» later, and they were back in the studio, going through previously written songs. The result is «Dear», a relatively straight-forward affair for the trio, and one that evokes more of their riff-worshipping past than their more avant-garde leanings – it’s not for nothing that they have a track called «Absolutego» on it.

«Dear» was released internationally on July 14 by Sargent House.

Play: Poison Blood – «Deformed Lights»


What happens when Horseback’s Jenks Miller bonds with Krieg’s own Neill Jameson over a shared love for Beherit and Rudimentary Peni? Apparently, Poison Blood. The new band’s debut comes in the form of a self-titled EP, set for release on August 11 by Relapse Records. Below, you’ll listen to the first two songs made available for streaming by the American label; you can also read the musician’s thoughts on these particular songs here, at Invisible Oranges.


With The Dead announce second album, «Love From With The Dead»

Photo by: Ester Segarra

The British supergroup With The Dead has finished recording their follow-up to the self-titled debut released in 2015. Titled «Love From With The Dead», the new album is set for release on September 22 by Rise Above Records. The album’s last song is set to feature a collaboration with Russell Haswell, who had also appeared on Cathedral’s «Cosmic Requiem» and «Endtyme».

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