Process Of Guilt announce «Black Earth» and stream «Feral Ground»

Portuguese doom outfit Process Of Guilt have announced the release of their next album, «Black Earth». It comes five years after the mighty «Fæmin», a period in which the band’s output consisted of a split with Rorcal. Below, you can see the record’s cover art, as well as watch the video for «Feral Ground», the first advance of the new record.


A few pieces of «Black Earth» had already been unveiled during the band’s presence at festivals like Under The Doom or SMSF (album closer «Hoax» has been a particular, thunderous highlight) and shown a somewhat natural progression from its predecessor – heavier, bleaker, and with a stronger emphasis on the industrial elements. The band’s new single below further confirms this impressions.

«Black Earth» is set for release on September 22 via Bleak Recordings and Division Records. The tracklist was revealed last month and can be found here.

Promotional photography of the band displayed on top taken by Pedro Almeida.

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