Stream: dälek – «Endangered Philosophies»

Noise / hip-hop pioneers dalëk are back with their second record in little more than a year – recall that their Profound Lore released album «Asphalt For Eden» came out in April 2016. Now back in their old home of Ipecac, the trio of Will Brooks, Mike Manteca, and DJ rEk, recorded «Endangered Philosophies» which you can now listen to via NPR at this location.

Fair warning: it’s one of the records of the year thus far. Brooks in particular seems to have found a new found focus; both the lyrics and their delivery carry the kind of urgency that will not only leave a sour taste in your mouth but will draw you in for repeated sessions. With the atrocious normalisation of white supremacy in the United States, it would be hard to expect something else.

Artwork by Paul Romano.

Featuring artwork by Paul Romano, «Endangered Philosophies» was recorded and mixed by Brooks and Manteca at Deadverse Studios III and by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundstation. Set for release on September 1 via Ipecac.

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