Release round-up, split edition: Milumet & Wømb, Drudkh & Paysage d’Hiver, No Funeral & Livid

Milumet & Wømb – «Our Souls Prayeth for His Black Salvation» | [Purodium]

Portuguese purveyors of filthy raw black metal Wømb are back with their second split in a row, after «Perpetual Commitment to Death» with Ruach Raah released last year, this time accompanied by the North American duo Milumet. The split MC was released today by Purodium and described by the label as “This is war against this modern world. This is the resistance of nature. This is raw black metal art.

One track out of each band’s four is available for stream below, namely, Milumet’s «Concrete Delusion» and Wømb’s «Satan Speaks Her Name».

«Our Souls Prayeth for His Black Salvation» was released by Purodium today, August 25.

Drudkh & Paysage d’Hiver – «Somewhere Sadness Wanders / Schnee (IV)» | [Season Of Mist]

Speaking of consecutive splits, Drudkh‘s spell now includes three in a row. Unlike most humans’ take on existence, it only gets better. Not the contributions by the Ukrainian outfit, mind you, since those have been pretty stable on a pretty good level, just not remotely close to that magical level of a «Summoning The Rain». In any case, the point of this series of splits is for them to pay homage to national poets, so whatever. This particular time, they homage Yevhen Pluzhnyk in the first track while the second’s lyrics consist on a poem by Maik Yohansen. Notably, two poets killed for political reasons under the lovely soviet regime.

The part where “it only gets better” is in the other side of the splits. Things started okay with Hades Almighty in «One Who Talks with the Fog / Pyre Era, Black!», got surprisingly better in «Betrayed by the Sun / Hägringar» with Grift, and now have unsurprisingly peaked. I mean, it’s fucking Paysage d’Hiver returning four years after the brilliant «Das Tor», was anything else to be expected?

«Somewhere Sadness Wanders / Schnee (IV)» was released by Season Of Mist today, August 25.

No Funeral & Livid – «No Funeral / Livid» | [Live Fast Die]

Leaving the realm of black metal, the third split comes by way of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and brings things to a doom flavoured halt. Livid‘s piece, the almost twenty minute long «False Hope», essentially confirms the ideas left by their debut on Prosthetic earlier this year, «Beneath This Shroud, the Earth Erodes», i.e. trudging melancholic guitar patterns with melody aplenty and just enough psychedelic reverberation to hint at YOB. However, when Benson’s vocals kick in, you start to see something that was merely hinted at in the full-length – he ain’t trying to do typical clean-sung doom thing. In fact, he’d much rather channel his idol Scott Walker. It’s not quite there yet and the riffs are a bit too conventional to be as dread-inducing as this can potentially become, but it’s definitely a step up. Before that, shit’s way bleaker. On the No Funeral side of things, we’re treated to something that’s not too far apart from what bands like Coffinworm or Grey Widow do, which is to say that they are on the sludgy side of doom, though still pretty much a doom band. It’s infectious bile though, definitely worth a few spins.

«No Funeral / Livid» was released by Live Fast Die on August 15.

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