Fleurety signs with Peaceville and is set to release new record

We all thought that getting one EP («Fragmenta Cuinsvis Aetatis Contemporaneae», released by Aesthetic Death on January 5) and the compilation record collecting all four EP released by the band since 2009 («Inquietum», released by Aesthetic Death on August 21) amounted for a pretty good year for Fleurety fans, right? Well, shit just got unpredictably better by a few factors of magnitude.

First things first, there’s a new home for the band and it’s none other than Peaceville Records. Second, there’s a new full-length album set to be released soon – the first fully new since «Department of Apocalyptic Affairs» – and it goes by the name of «The White Death». For the upcoming record, the classic duo of Svein Egil Hatlevik and Alexander Nordgaren has recruited a few helping hands, namely, vocalist Linn Nystadnes from Deathcrush fame, flutist Krizla and backing vocalist Filip Roshauw. Oh, and the legend himself, Czral-Michael Eide is playing bass and providing backing vocals. News to certainly leave fans of weird black metal watering from their mouths for a while.

That’s not all though, since upon announcing all of the above, the band dropped this:

«Lament of the Optimist» is part of «The White Death», which in turn will be released by Peaceville Records on October 27.

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