Stream: Usnea – «Pyrrhic Victory» and «Eidolons and the Increate»

We had recently gone on about Usnea‘s good taste due to naming a song from the upcoming «Portals Into Futility» (and a good one at that) after a Ursula Le Guin‘s book. They’ve now released a stunning video for album opener «Eidolons and the Increate» via Decibel, which you can see below.

During the video, you get a quote from a big science fiction writer for almost every song of the album – only the closer «A Crown of Desolation» remains unassociated with a writer.

«Eidolons and the Increate» gets Gene Wolfe‘s “All love that which they destroy” from The Shadow of the Torturer, «Lathe of Heaven» gets Le Guin‘s beautifully worded “Things don’t have purposes, as if the universe were a machine, where every part has a useful function. What’s the function of a galaxy? I don’t know if our life has a purpose and I don’t see that it matters.” Still unreleased song «Demon Haunted World» sees the return of Carl Sagan to the band’s sphere with “Avoidable human misery is more often caused not so much by stupidity as by ignorance, particularly our ignorance about ourselves.” Finally, «Pyrrhic Victory», whose video was recently released an you can see below, gets words by Philip K. Dick who suggests that “it is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane”. Hard to argue, really.

Both videos were directed by Maximum Volume Silence with live footage courtesy of Billy Goate/Doomed & Stoned.

«Portals Into Futility» is set for release via Relapse on September 8.


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