News round-up: Nazoranai, Asagraum, and King Woman

Nazoranai announce third album

The experimental super-group Nazoranai has just announced the release of its third record. Granted, one sees the expression in clear overuse these days, but when a collective consists of avant-garde legend Keiji Haino, experimentalist Oren Ambarchi and drone master weaver Stephen O’Malley, to not use it then means to never use it, which come to think of it is not such a bad idea. Regardless, the third outing of the trio, after 2012’s self-titled and 2014’s «The Most Painful Time Happens Only Once Has It Arrived Already…?», both released by O’Malley’s Ideologic Organ, is suggestively titled «Beginning To Fall In Line Before Me, So Decorously, The Nature Of All That Must Be Transformed». Consisting of two songs aptly titled «Part 1» and «Part 2» and recorded in Tokyo at the SuperDeluxe, it is set for release on October 6 via Superior Viaduct. The artwork can be seen below.

Asagraum stream «Carried by Lucifer’s Wings»

Photo by Mira Grunn

International black metal outfit Asagraum is set to release its debut album, «Potestas Magicum Diaboli» later this month. The duo’s old school relentless yet melodic approach to the genre, complete with no frills satanic overtones, is clearly on display on the recently unveiled track «Carried by Lucifer’s Wings», which you can listen to over at No Clean Singing. It is, however, not the first song from «Protestas Magicum Diaboli» to see the light of day, as the band had revealed «Black Sun Prayer» back in May, which you can listen to below.

Moreover, the first two tracks from the «Promo» EP released earlier this year, «Transformation» and «Black Triangle Temple», are set to open the upcoming record and can be respectively found here and here. One presumes that the versions of these songs that ultimately appear in the full-length are re-recordings thereof, such as to match the sound obtained at Necromorbus Studio which can be discerned in the new songs.

«Protestas Magicum Diaboli» is set for release on September 29 via Kvlt.

King Woman unveils video for «Manna»

2017 is proving to be quite the year for doom quartet King Woman. So far, they’ve released their full-length debut, «Created in the Image of Suffering», they’ve toured Europe, having passed through Roadburn to mesmerise all who then stood in the Green Room. Now, as Kristina Esfandiari and cohorts are set to embark on a US tour, they’ve released a video for album stand-out «Manna».

The first thing that stands out in the video directed by New Orleans based collective Huemid Haus is the always welcome creative decision of not just having footage of the band play. The second, of course, is the beauty of the visual composition and how it manages to both appeal on its own merits and fit seamlessly with the song.

Recall that «Created in the Image of Suffering» was released by Relapse on February 24.

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