News round-up: Integrity, Primitive Man, and Street Sects

Integrity releases video for «Burning Beneath the Devils Cross»

Almost two months ago, metallic hardcore pioneers Integrity released their ninth full-length, «Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume». The record, as the band’s mentor and vocalist Dwid Hellion describes to Noisey, is loosely based around a story involving a successful séance by Francis Bacon and his consequent ability to “see demons within others, and therefore paint these demons”. With the band gearing up towards a couple of US shows and a four-date visit to Japan, a video was released for the record’s ninth track, «Burning Beneath the Devils Cross», which you can see below. Unfortunately, we could not find any information regarding who directed the video.

«Howling, for the Nightmare Shall Consume» was released by Relapse on July 14. It can be streamed and ordered in the band’s bandcamp.

Primitive Man announce new album and reveal opening track

Here’s a very appealing thought: Primitive Man‘s upcoming second full-length, «Caustic», is set to last more than 75 minutes. Think about it, «Scorn» was the bleak pit that it was and lasted less than 40, the only other record in the Denver’s trio discography to reach a similar duration is 2013’s demo «P//M». As we await the coming of October to bask in the filth of «Caustic», the band has released its thundering opening track, «My Will», a few weeks ago. It can be streamed below.

While we wish «Caustic» to arrive as soon as possible and pummel our eardrums to nothingness, there’s something important to be done in the meantime. As the band explains in detail here, they want to help and to facilitate help for those afflicted by tropical storm Harvey in Texas. There are a lot of direct links to do so in that description, but for those who have been thinking about completing their Primitive Man collection, the band has decided to donate all the money made on older non-Relapse material on their bandcamp page until the release of the new album on October 6 to the South Texas Human Rights Center. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of that older, non-Relapse material.

The digital version of the «P//M» demo, the «Fear / A life of turmoil» tracks recorded at the Flatline studio but not included in «Caustic», the «Futility / Untitled» single from 2015, the cover of Black Sabbath‘s «Sweet Leaf» originally recorded for a CVLT Nation compilation, the cover of Crowbar‘s «Suffering Brings Wisdom», their side of the split with Fister from 2014, their side of the split with Northless from 2016, their side of the split with Sea Bastard from 2016, their side of the split with Hessian for The Abyss Stares Back series, their side of the split with Hexis from 2014, and their side of the split with Xaphan from 2014.

«Caustic» is set for release on October 6 via Relapse. For those residing in the US, there is a Primitive Man tour with Bell Witch during October and November. Dates can be found here.

Street Sects stream «In Prison, At Least I Had You»

Another rather interesting record to be officially released on October 6 is the new EP by Austin-based Street Sects, «Rat Jacket». The duo started their particular blend of industrial, punk, and electronics in 2014, with the first two parts of their Gentrification series – both self-released and available on their bandcamp page. Their debut full-length, «End Position», was released last year via The Flenser, the same label that is set to release «Rat Jacket». The opening track, «Blacken The Other Eye» had already been revealed back in August (listen to it here). As the press release sent around then explained, the new album “plunges into themes of loyalty, trust, betrayal, paranoia, and man’s innate selfishness. If «End Position» was a bullet to the head, then «Rat Jacket» is a knife in the back.” With this in mind, here’s the closer of the EP, «In Prison, At Least I Had you».

«Rat Jacket» will be out on October 6 via The Flenser.

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