Yellow Eyes announce new record and reveal «Velvet on the Horns»

New York-based black metal outfit Yellow Eyes is set to release its fourth full-length «Immersion Trench Reverie» in October. Briefly before the recording sessions, which took place in a cabin in Connecticut (the same used for «Sick With Bloom»), the two Skarstad brothers went to Siberia for a month. From the freezing Russian province, they returned with both field recordings and what Gilead Media describes as a “new sense of exigency in their songwriting” in their press release. Below, you can listen to «Velvet on the Horns», the fourth song of «Immersion Trench Reverie». Further notice the beautifully unique artwork gracing the cover of the record, whose layout was done by Sam Skarstad, who is also credited with mixing and mastering the album.

In «Immersion Trench Reverie», as with »Sick With Bloom», Will and Sam Skarstad are joined by M. Rekevics (of the mighty Fell Voices and Vilkacis) on drums. Bass duties were handled by Alex DeMaria. The upcoming album is set for release on October 20 via Gilead Media.

It is perhaps also worth mentioning that the record’s second track, «Blue as Blue», has been making the rounds for a while.

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