News round-up: Mikko Joensuu, Process Of Guilt, and With The Dead

Mikko Joensuu releases video for «Dream About A Miracle»

Finish singer-songwriter Mikko Joensuu completed his «Amen» trilogy on June 2 with the release of the fantastic «Amen 3». The third record on the series initiated a year prior marks not only its artistic high point but also an aesthetical shift, dipping his grief-stricken folk narrative in ambient soundscapes which he calmly develops, seemingly with no rush to insert his voice in the proceedings. Today, Stereogun premiered an official video of the shortest track from «Amen 3», «Dream About A Miracle. The video, as soothing and stunning in its visuals as the moods conveyed in the song it accompanies, was directed by Ezra Gould and can be seen below.

«Amen 3» was released on June 2 by Svart Records. It can be streamed here and ordered here.

Process Of Guilt stream «Black Earth»

When the impending release of Process Of Guilt‘s «Black Earth» was announced, we said that the record was “heavier, bleaker, and with a stronger emphasis on the industrial elements”. Now, the full record is streaming over at Decibel Magazine, so you can confirm our prediction by following this link. Regardless of your thoughts on how unfitting our comments were, please do not follow the path of calling it “sludge” (probably the most misused genre “tag” in recent history). At least don’t do it without listening to and finding similarities with, let’s say «Take As Needed For Pain» and «Humanity=Garbage».

Artwork from «Black Earth».

«Black Earth» comes out on Friday, September 22, in a joint release by Bleak and Division. Orders are available here.

With The Dead reveal second song from «Love From With The Dead»

On the same day that «Black Earth» is officially released, so is the second LP from With The Dead, «Love From With The Dead». Truth be told, the same applies to the new records of Yellow Eyes, Monarch!, Ufomammut, and others. The first track of the upcoming record was revealed no too long ago and, if «Isolation» hinted that «Love From With The Dead» was a steady upgrade on the self-titled debut from Dorrian, Bagshaw, and company, «Anemia» further confirms it. The second track was released by the band last week and can be heard below.

«Love From With The Dead» comes out next Friday, September 22, via Rise Above Records. Orders are available here.

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