Systemik Viølence to release first LP

Nasty punk hardcore quartet Systemik Viølence is set to release its debut LP later this fall. Entitled «Satanarkist Attack», it’s comprised of fourteen tracks, the first of which can already be heard below. As the press release by Raw N’ Roll Rex states, the band unleashes its raw punk as if they were attempting to rip “off Swedish bands and worshipping the metallic depths of Japanese hardcore”. This proximity to the old-school punk sounds of Sweden and Japan can truly be heard in the title track below, making the release of «Satanarkist Attack» all the more timely given the recent return of the legendary Asocial, about which we recently talked.

«Satanarkist Attack» will be jointly released by Raw N’ Roll Rex, Chaosphere Recordings, and Regurgitated Semen Records on November. It follows the split with Rajoitus released earlier this year and the debut demo «Fuck As Punk» from last year, both of which can be heard in Systemik Viølence‘s bandcamp page.

Cover picture of this article by Vera Marmelo (link for official website).

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