News round-up: Cunninlynguists, Sangre de Muerdago, The View Electrical (with dälek)

Cunninlynguists reveal trailer for «Rose Azura Njano»

As we’ve recently reported, Cunninlynguists are set to release «Rose Azura Njano» early next month. After revealing «Violet (The Upper Room)» earlier this month, the band released a short trailer for the record, which you can see below.

The trailer was produced by Kno and Deacon The Villain, directed by Kno and Castro of NewHighFilmz. «Rose Azura Njano» is set for release on October 6 via RBC Records.

Further listening: Cunninlynguists’s discography can be streamed and digitally acquired on their bandcamp.

Sangre de Muerdago announces «Vagalumes» EP

Last week, we received the happy news that Sangre de Muerdago will play Roadburn next year, which means this is as good a time as any to do a quick update on the workings of the self-dubbed forest folk collective. As announced by the band earlier this month, they will embark in the recording of a new full-length in the upcoming month of October. However, sometime during the summer solstice nights spent in the Leipzig Auenwald, they created «Vagalumes», a new EP which will be released later this year. This will be their second EP of 2017, succeeding «Os Segredos da Raposa Vermelha», which you can stream below (digital, cd and vinyl versions are available here),

Regarding «Vagalumes», a trailer has been made available in this location, authored by Chariot of Black Moth. The release, scheduled for December, will come with artwork by Marina Girardi and be put out by Throne Records and Música Máxica.

The View Electrical unveils «Fell From Grace (feat. dälek)»

Swiss post rock duo The View Electrical is releasing its sophomore record «Heiligenstadt» in December of this year. As they gear up towards the date, one song has been unveiled, «Fell from Grace», a beautiful cinematic featuring a guest performance of dälek‘s Will Brooks. Below, you can see the lyrical video of «Fell from Grace» as well as our transcript of the long rap.

«Heiligenstadt» is set for release on December 2017. Pre-orders are available at the band’s bandcamp.

To suggest one fell from grace connotates I once had it, I’m prepared to admit I ain’t shit, a collection of bad habits. Gravitate towards the dirt, away from all that’s lavish. Open palms brandished as fists if you insist on causing static. Far from a pacifist, wouldn’t claim to be an activist, these synapses are just mad active. I ain’t no actor, portraying roles that ain’t real. Truths revealed in small increments. Mind remains militant. First born son to immigrants.Yes!? I’m articulate. Believe the worst always immanent. Youth lost its innocence. Want proof!? Let’s talk imprisonment. Must remain vigilant. Perhaps I am insolent, sharpened tongue my main instrument. Instrumental in levelling their playing field. Never settling or revelling in how obeying feels. I’ll be that black sheep, outcast, last to get chosen. I’m the culmination of all your hatred, you hate that I’m awoken. On my streets I’m quite soft spoken, no need to raise my vocals amongst locals. Vernacular’s deep. Speech encoded to prevent pure translation.

Y’all lament for a past in which we just transactions on paper. Doubt our passion for this land when our blood watered your crops. Now you doubt our children’s innocence when they’re shot by your cops. Talking heads’ll say different but y’all don’t want it to stop. Politicians are props for this corrupt grand experiment. You drowning in delusions of grandeur. Me? I’m just a derelict. A fall from grace only occurs by placing humanity on a pedestal. Remain level headed by remembering at our core we all animals. They understand that well… and play the base emotions. Have you chanting their catchy slogans. Hating on heads you never met across vast oceans. Our populous is self-loathing. Posting and re-posting. A social fabric with theft interwoven. Original ideas are all stolen. I can say the system’s broken but that just seems repetitive.

Monotonous monsters act with no etiquette. And you can trace this back to the very first settlement. So let me ask, to who’s benefit? Benefactor’s laughter echoes down to modern relatives. Yes, my speech at times is laced with a few expletives. But I’m running on adrenaline. Consider this preventive medicine. Democrats bought and discredited. Racists passed as conservatives. Media fixated on the negatives, passages redacted and edited. Knowledge defined is not definite. The definition of grace just ain’t relevant!

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