Project Nefast announces «Sex Money Power» and release show

Project Nefast, formerly known as Nefast, is a three-piece from Utrecht which since 2013 has been crafting its path in the Dutch alternative black metal scene – think of two bands from their hometown like Laster and Terzij de Horde for a very general idea. Two full-length releases took place under their former moniker, «Discomfort» from 2015, in which some good ideas had a rather green execution, and «Dogma», from last year, a one-song-in-four-movements release in which they displayed a considerable evolution. The upcoming record, first after the change of name, is entitled «Sex Money Power» and you can listen to its last song below. «Ziektebeeld» (the Dutch word for illness) suggests that the new record will, once again, be quite different from anything they did before, incorporating industrial leanings and even more avant-garde weirdness in their sound.

«Sex Money Power» will be released in cassette format by Tartarus Records on October 17. The album’s release show will take place on November 3 at the dB’s in Utrecht in what promises to be a very interesting evening. Besides the trio performing their new album, there will also be performances from Willie Darktrousers & de Splinters, described as something along the lines of “Michael Gira meets Kanye West with a passion for black metal” (it is as out there as this description makes it sound), and the Amsterdam-based trio Holbeck, whose recently released video by ClaireObscuur is definitely worth checking out if only for that sweet, sweet saxophone. All together, they will also form a drone ensemble under the conduction of Nefast and perform a drone rendition of «The Side Of Man And Womankind» from Tony Conrad‘s collaboration with Faust «Outside The Dream Syndicate».


Further notes:

  • Nefast‘s «Discomfort» and «Dogma» can both be heard and ordered in tape format in their bandcamp, where they also have older rehearsal and demo recordings.

  • For more information on the November 8 release show, check the event at this location. For more information on the opening bands, Willie Darktrousers and Holbeck, they can be respectively found here and here.

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