When Primitive Man asks “Y’all wanna see a dead body?”, we answer “yes please!”

It’s starting to become a thing that Primitive Man will release some blatantly NSFW video in every album cycle and with «Caustic» about to hit stores at the end of next week, it does not come as a big surprise that there is a new video in store. It’s also not that surprising that the new song (second in the album’s tracklist) «Victim» absolutely rips – and so does its video, which the band simply announced with the question reproduced on the title above (that’s all the warning one needs, really) and which you can enjoy seeing below .

«Caustic» is set for release on October 6 through Relapse, pre-orders are available at the band’s bandcamp.

Further listening: we wrote about the two other songs already released from «Caustic» and the fund-collection campaign set up by the band to help the victims of hurricane Harvey, here for «Commerce» and here for «My Will».

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