News round-up: Converge, Dodecahedron, and Grave Pleasures

Converge reveal «Reptilian»

In the week after the announcement that Jacob Bannon will be the curator of next year’s Roadburn and that Converge will perform both «You Fail Me» and their upcoming album «The Dusk In Us» in their entirety, the band has revealed yet another song from the latter. After having done so with «Under Duress» and «I Can Tell You About Pain», this time they have revealed album closer «Reptilian», which you can hear below.

«The Dusk In Us» is set for release on November 3 through Epitaph. Pre-orders are available at these locations.

Dodecahedron announce change of vocalist

Dutch dissonance weavers Dodecahedron started the year off by releasing their second full-length «kwintessens», which you can stream below. The band has now announced a change in their formation, with the departure of Nihill‘s frontman M. Eikenaar from active duties as a vocalist. Eikenaar will however remain an integral part of the band, continuing “his work as lyricist and artwork developer for DODECAHEDRON; his images and words have become a quintessential part of the bands’ expression and will remain in place.” As the lyricist said in an interview with Loud! Magazine earlier this year regarding the implementation of “these ideas, concepts and monumental visions” in the songs, “I do that with painting pictures and choosing words, while M. Nienhuis [guitarist, songwriter] does that with riffing.”

Replacing Eikenaar as “a lead vocalist that will carry out our message with newborn fury”, as the band puts it, is W. Van Der Voort, known as vocalist/guitarist in Ggu:ll (about whom we wrote last week).

Recall «kwintessens» was released on March 17 via Season of Mist Underground Activists. Cd and digital versions of the record can be acquired at this location.

Grave Pleasures stream «Mind Intruders»

After a somewhat rocky transition from Beastmilk into Grave Pleasures, it seems that Mat McNerney and cohorts have found their groove with «Motherblood», the first with drummer Rainer Tuomikanto and guitarist Aleksi Kiiskilä. Few days ahead of the release, the band has revealed the closing track from the vinyl’s A-side, «Mind Intruder». The song can be streamed over at NPR. This follows the lovely video, directed by David Fitt and produced by Abyssal Process, for the equally lovely song «Joy Through Dead», which you can watch below.

«Motherblood» will be out tomorrow, September 29, via Century Media. Orders can be placed through this location.

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