Agenda – V for Vultures presents: ██████, Gnaw Their Tongues, and Owlbites (04/10/2017)

Next week, V for Vultures is organising an evening of black metal and associated sounds at Occii, one of the most respected independent venues in Amsterdam. The international act of the evening comes from the Czech Republic. ██████, or Nic as they are usually referred when words must be used. While the band has not been overly active in the last two years, its 2013 demo, playable below, caught some attention for its well crafted post black metal back when it was released and its definitely worth checking out.

Accompanying them will be Gnaw Their Tongues, the one-man band that has authored some of the most impressive pieces of experimental noise / black metal of the last decade. Having started ravaging stages around The Netherlands and other countries in 2015 as a duo, the band has steadily improved since the first performances, with this year’s Roadburn outing being particularly impressive in that regard. More than anything else, their latest performances are a much better live representation of the sonic horrors displayed in records such as the latest «Hymns for the Broken, Swollen And Silent».

Opening the night, will be the Utrecht based ambient/drone project Owlbites, whose last record, «Shadow/Enantiodromia» (below), is a two song EP inspired by the work of Carl Jung and recorded in one take from manipulating sound fed into analogue circuits.

The doors open at 21:00, with the entrance costing 7€. More information can be found at the event page.

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