Prurient announces «Rainbow Mirror»

One of the most justly revered musicians of our generation, Dominick Fernow, is set to release «Rainbow Mirror», an album which might be hard to digest even for Prurient standards. We are therefore extremely excited to delve in the three hours of “glacial, meditative, and ambient” side of his noise compositions. Something that the press release also describes as “doom electronics”. Given the man’s history of excellence, hearing of three hours of pure doom electronics will certainly appeal many a fan of tortuous sounds. As will the listening of «Naturecum», the ninth song of the record, which you can do below.

«Rainbow Mirror» celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Prurient. For that reason, Fernow decided to return to the trio format under which the first live shows were played two decades ago. Thus, he called upon Matt Folden and Jim Mroz, with whom he recorded live the material of «Rainbow Mirror» before sending it to Berlin to be mixed by Paul Corley. The celebration goes a bit further, as Hospital Productions will also release «Buddha Strangled In Vines (1997)» on October 31 (the day of the first Prurient live performance back in ’97). The recording includes three unreleased tracks dating back to the first tape recordings done as Prurient.

Cover of «Rainbow Mirror», the first Prurient collage ever made.

«Rainbow Mirror» is set for release on December 1 via Profound Lore, as a quadruple cd, and through Fernow’s own Hospital Productions, as a heptuple LP. Since the twenty years of the project coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the label, those in New York can also bask in this celebratory effort on November 5 with the following insane line-up.

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