News round-up: Pharaoh Overlord, Systemik Viølence, and Wrekmeister Harmonies

We are back with news updates (as well as a revamped about section, and updated release databases from 2017 and 2018). The gist of it regarding news is quite simple: news articles not focusing on a specific label will include three items, which we will aim to never make it about one single genre. With that in mind, we have news (and new songs) from Finnish psychedelic rockers Pharaoh Overlord, Portuguese “Dis-GISM-Cimex” worshippers (to cite their own press release) Systemik Viølence, as well as the amazing Wrekmeister Harmonies.

Pharaoh Overlord with a new formation and a new record on the horizon

Ru1. Pharaoh Overlord.jpg

Back in 2015, Pharaoh Overlord released «Circle» and Circle released «Pharaoh Overlord». Last year, Circle released the thundering «Terminal» through Southern Lord to critical acclaim. Now, it’s time for Pharaoh Overlord to re-invent themselves and return to full-length releases. The reinvention consists in the addition of fellow Finn Antti Boman of Demilich fame, and Faust‘s founding member Hans Joachim Irmler.

Now as a septet, they created «Zero», which is set for release on April 27 in joint venture of Ektro and Hydra Head. Below, find the first two songs from the side A of the upcoming record, «Revolution» and «Maailmanlopun ateriana».

«Zero» can be pre-ordered in vinyl and cd format through the online shops of Hydra Head and Ektro.

Systemik Viølence set to release a 7” EP of filthy metal punk

After a considerably productive second year of activity, in which they not only changed their formation, but also released the «Satanarkist Attack» full-length and two splits (one with Rajoitus and one with Dokuga), Portuguese raw punk outfit Systemik Viølence doesn’t seem about to pull their collective feet from the gas pedal anytime soon. The recently announced release is a 7” EP entitled «Anarquia-Violência», described in the press release as “raw hardcore punk-metal pollution that spits in the face of modern punk.

While there have been releases after the change of formation that saw Zëusu Bäsuku join on bass and the consequent move of J. Yagï from bass to guitar, «Anarquia-Violência» will be the first release written by the current formation. Below, listen to the title-track, whose ending is a rather clear punk call to arms, stating “the only solution / is not discussion / direct-action is opposition / the gun for the incursion”.

The upcoming EP is set for release on March 31 and is a co-release between Ring Leader, Regulator, Raginplanet, and Raw ‘n’ Roll. Pre-orders are available here, with shipping set to begin on April 2.

Wrekmeister Harmonies set to release «The Alone Rush»

A few years ago, this piece would start with “JR Robinson‘s Wrekmeister Harmonies (…)”. That would no longer be an accurate statement, as Wrekmeister Harmonies is now comprised of two core members, with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Esther Shaw to founder JR Robinson. Whilst this was already true for 2016’s «Light Falls», the duo was then joined by Godspeed You! Black Emperor‘s members Thierry Amar, Sophie Trudeau, and Timothy Herzog. Two years passed, the duo is now set to release «The Alone Rush», a record written following the couple’s departure from Chicago after repeated family tragedies. In a press release released by label Thrill Jockey, Robinson comments that the writing process was “just the two of us, thinking the similar thoughts and working them out with hours and hours of conversation, totally alone”, adding with regards to their songwriting chemistry that it became as if they were “two stones being put in a small bag and being carried around constantly. The rough edges wear away. What seemed claustrophobic reveals itself to be comfort.” The duo was then joined by Thor Harris of Swans fame and producer Martin Bisi for the recording. The resulting album is called «The Alone Rush», and the band has already unveiled one of its tracks, namely, «Covered In Blood From Invisible Wounds», which can be heard below.

A rather short track for the band’s standards and indeed the shortest among the six songs comprising «The Alone Rush». Continuing with Wrekmeister Harmonies’ tradition of taking inspiration in literature, the album follows a personal outlook on grief and associated coping mechanisms, filtered through the essay «The Age Of Loneliness Is Killing Us» by George Monbiot, as well as the books «Lincoln in the Bardo» and «A Brief History of Seven Killings» by George Saunders and Marlon James respectively. Robinson commented on his own conclusions following this process, stating that “there’s a realization, a moment of perfect clarity that comes from meditating on these ideas, and that is, at the end of it all, we are perfectly and utterly alone.”

«The Alone Rush is set for release by Thrill Jockey on April 13. Pre-orders can be made here.

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